Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Clean

Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Clean

Choose a washer and dryer repair expert in Chicago, IL

You don't want musty and damp clothes. If your washer or dryer isn't working properly, you need a repair pro. AA Appliance & Home Services manages washer and dryer repair work in Chicago, IL. We'll make sure your appliances work properly so your clothes can stay clean.
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5 common problems with washing machines

A broken washing machine is a major inconvenience. If you need washer and dryer repair services, trust our pro. He has the experience needed to resolve many different issues with these machines, including broken:

1. Timers
2. Lid switches
3. Drain pumps
4. Control boards
5. Clutch assemblies

Whatever component is causing your washer problems, we'll find and fix it quickly. We also offer washer and dryer maintenance services to help prevent the need for major repairs. Call or text 630-802-9838 now for more information on our washer and dryer maintenance services.